Officers and Responsibilities


To run its day-to-day activities, the Board shall have an Executive Committee (EC), consisting of the following officers: i) Chair, elected by the Board, shall provide leadership to the EC, and shall have general responsibility for the business of GESI, including:
 Organizing, scheduling and chairing meetings and teleconferences
 Setting short- and long-term strategies and goals, and
 Assigning and delegating tasks to other team members.
ii) Vice Chair, appointed by the Board, shall perform the duties of the EC Chair in the absence of, or as instructed by, the EC Chair
iii) Secretary, elected by the Board, will handle all administrative tasks, as deemed essential by the Chair.
 Public Relations Officer, elected by the Board, is responsible for communicating with the media and other governmental and non-governmental partners. The Public Relations Officer shall serve as Chair of the Media and Public Relations Committee
iv) Information Technology (IT) Officer, elected by the Board, is responsible for all technology related needs of GESI, including website administration. The IT Officer shall serve as Chair of the IT Committee.
v) Chairs of other committees will serve as ex officios on the EC.
Terms of Office and Elections
(i) All officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the Board members
(ii) For any officer, including each Board member, the term of office shall be two years, renewable for a maximum of two consecutive terms. For each of the initial three consecutive terms, at most one-third of the Board members may be replaced to ensure business continuity and smooth transfer of institutional knowledge.
(iii) An officer, including a Board member, may be removed from office if he or she fails to get the confidence of at least two-thirds of the current Board members.
i) All committees shall be commissioned by the Board, and are intended to advance the mission and vision of GESI. Initially, there will be the following committees:
 Research